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ASIA/MYANMAR - "The nation is entrusted to God's mercy"

Yangon (Agenzia Fides) - "We are in God's hands. Our land is entrusted to his Divine Mercy. In a period of tension, suffering and uncertainty about the future, Christ is our rock. This is the…

En avril, prière du Pape pour la défense des droits fondamentaux

Défendre les droits humains fondamentaux, soit lutter activement contre la pauvreté, l’inégalité, le manque de travail, de terre et de logement, de droits sociaux et du travail. Telle est l'intention de prière du Pape François…

Pope asks Filipinos to pass on gift of faith

As bishops across the Philippines opened "holy doors" at their cathedrals, Pope Francis sent a video message encouraging Filipino Catholics to celebrate the 500th anniversaryof the arrival of Christianity in their country by continuing to…

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