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24 Vietnamese CSOs Report on Human Rights violation 2014 in Vietnam

Vietnam, Jan 30, 2015


-       NGOs’ submission to Human Rights Council

-       Mr. David Kaye, Special Rapporteur on the promotion and protection of the right to freedom of opinion and expression

-       Mr. Heiner Bielefeldt, Special Rapporteur on freedom of religion or belief

-       Mr. Michel Forst, Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights defenders

-       Mr. Juan Ernesto Mendez, Special Rapporteur on torture and other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment

-       Mr. Maina Kiai, Special Rapporteur on the rights to freedom of peaceful assembly and of association

-       Mr. Mads Andenas, Working Group on Arbitrary Detention

-       Mr. Pierre Vimont, Executive Secretary General of the European External Action Service

-       Mr. Scott Kofmehl, Mr. Ryan Fioresi, Vietnam Desk Officers, the US Department of State

-       Embassies in Hanoi: Malad Delphine (EU delegation), Felix Schwarz (Germany), Jenifer N. (USA), Elenore Kanter (Sweden), Sanjiv Ahluwalia (England), Ayesha Rekhi (Canada), Rose McConnell (Australia), Jean Philippe (France), Tone Wroldsen (Norway), Kathryn Beckett (New Zealand), Sascha Muller (Switzerland).

-       International NGOs on human rights: Brad Adams (HRW), Benjamin Ismail (RSF), Brittis Edman (CRDs), Rupert Abbott (Amnesty International), Shawn Crispin (CPJ), Billy Ford (Freedom House).


-       The National Assembly of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam

Ladies and gentlemen,

             We, the independent civil society organizations, urgently alert all of you to the blatant, illegal and systematic crackdowns on human rights defenders and dissidents of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, especially in 2014.

             We enclose here the report “Vietnam: Member of the UN Human Rights Council & Human Rights Violations in 2014to demonstrate such violations clearly by the objective analysis comparing closely with the UPR recommendations. We also clarify the tactics to cover up the human rights abuses in the recent years.

             The report lays bare the duality of human rights policy that the Hanoi government has been implementing actively. One hand they get the international community to believe their willingness to improve human rights in Vietnam. On the other hand, they continue to maintain the totalitarian regime with serious persecution, not respecting for freedoms and human dignity of their citizens.

             Thank you for your consideration and taking action.


Vietnamese independent civil society organizations co-sign to condemn human rights abuses:

  1. Bach Dang Giang Foundation: Pham Ba Hai (MBE)
  2. Bauxite Vietnam: Prof. Pham Xuan Yem, Prof. Nguyen Hue Chi.
  3. Vietnam Path Movement: Mr. Nguyen Cong Huan.
  4. Civil Society Forum: Nguyen Quang A (Ph.D.)
  5. Cao Dai church, Humanism: Mr. Hua Phi. Mr. Nguyen Kim Lan, Mrs. Nguyen Bach Phung.
  6. Evangelical Lutheran Community Church Vietnam-America: Pastor Nguyen Hoang Hoa
  7. Christian Mennonite Church: Pastor Nguye n Manh Hung
  8. Vietnamese Political and Religious Prisoners Friendship Association: Nguyen Bac Truyen (LLB)
  9. Brotherhood for Democracy: Lawyer Nguyen Van Dai
  10. Association to Protect Freedom of Religion: Ms. Ha Thi Van.
  11. Gourd and Squash Mutual Association: Mr. Nguyen Le Hung
  12. Former Vietnamese Prisoners of Conscience: Dr. Nguyen Dan Que, Catholic Priest Phan Van Loi.
  13. Independent Journalists Association of Vietnam: Pham Chi Dung (Ph.D.)
  14. Vietnamese Women for Human Rights: Ms.Huynh Thuc Vy, Ms.Tran Thuy Nga
  15. Evangelical Protestant Chuong Bo Church: Pastor Lê Quang Du
  16. Bloc 8406: Priest Phan Van Loi.
  17. Viet Labor: Ms. Do Thi Minh Hanh.
  18. Religion and Ethnic Minority Defenders: Mr. Huynh Trong Hieu.
  19. Nguyen Kim Dien Group: Father Nguyen Huu Giai.
  20. Hoa Hao Buddhist Church, Purity: Mr. Le Quang Liem.
  21. Oppressed Petitioners Solidarity Movement: Ms. Tran Ngoc Anh
  22. Delegation of Vietnamese United Buddhists Church: Ven. Thich Khong Tanh.
  23. Vietnamese Interactive Network: Director  Huynh Tam (France)
  24. Canadian Youth for Human Rights in Vietnam: Mr. Khue Tu Nguyen (Canada)

VRNs (Feb 01st , 2015) – Saigon

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